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Glue or Stitches Circumcision , Frenuloplasty, Preputioplasty and tight foreskin Treatment.

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Adult Circumcision with Stitches £550

There was an acceptance of adult local anaesthesia circumcision in the clinics. We performed circumcision with stitches.
Circumcision performed in adults remains a safe surgical option with stitches  under local anaesthesia in dedicated clinical setting

Men Circumcision with Glue £625

Dr Khan is an expert in methods of circumcision, such as sleeve, glue, freehand, forceps guided method, dorsal slit, revision, redo circumcision.

Glue circumcision is the best option in older boys and adults

Frenuloplasty £475

It is a surgical treatment of a short penile frenulum by dividing the skin across and re‑stitching it in a lengthwise fashion. Frenulectomy or frenuloplasty surgery  will allow you to retain your foreskin, but at the same time be able to keep the area clean underneath

Preputioplasty £475

It is simply a foreskin releasing procedure. An incision is made on either side of the foreskin to widen it, thus allowing full retraction. The benefit of preputioplasty is that it retains foreskin and cure tight foreskin, however foreskin looks like fish mouth appearance.

Revision or redo circumcision from £800

Redo or revision circumcision changes the life of the adult who is really worried about the scarring from previous botched circumcision. Many adults who have been circumcised in childhood or later in life are not happy with the appearance of their penis. Re-circumcision is an option available. Problems from previous circumcisions like uneven skin, scarred frenulum, excessive, and uneven circumcision scar.  Excess scarring can easily be fixed and cured in our clinic.

BXO phimosis: Consultation only £150

Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO) is a thin white crinkly patches appear on the foreskin. It can be troublesome if this is not treated. This causes tight foreskin in older children and adults. This is also known lichen sclerosis atrophicus or Csillag’s Disease or white spot disease. BXO is a disease affecting uncircumcised or circumcised male ranging from young boys to adolescent and adults. This is the commonest cause of tightening of the foreskin.

Foreskin Care For The Whole Life.

Phimosis can be treated in many ways. There are alternatives to full circumcision, such as excision of the frenulum, V-Y or Z plasty operation called preputioplasty, frenuloplasty, partial circumcision or medical treatments. These are personal preferences and can be discussed further with Dr Khan. Many Benefits of Circumcision are in men


Phimosis Cream


Alternative to circumcision


Tight Foreskin Solution

We Have Comprehensive Service For Tight Foreskin

Tight foreskin in adolescence or adulthood may evoke fear of pain, sexual pain or reduced sexual pleasure. Tight foreskin may be due  Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO) which may require steriods cream, biopsy and circumcision.

26 year experience Paediatric Surgeon/Urologist in adolescent and men circumcision at London Clinic and Thornhill Clinic, Luton



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