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Updated information about the phimosis (tight foreskin), alternative to circumcision and men circumcision

Adult Circumcision London UK

Adult Circumcision in London UK Adult Circumcision in London UK is performed due to medical and non-medicals reasons for over 16 year old boys and men. Medical indications include phimosis (tight foreskin), paraphimosis (foreskin stuck beyond the glans), recurrent...

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Shang ring, CircCurer (ZSR) or Glue Circumcision

Shang ring, CircCurer (ZSR) or Glue circumcision for adults Glue circumcision gives better result. Many patients are asking from Dr Khan about different ways of to circumcise. Adult circumcision can be performed by: Glue Stitches Shang ring device ZSR or CircCurer...

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Benefits of circumcision

  Benefits of Circumcision There are many benefits of the circumcision. Circumcision is the commonest operation with lowest risks of complications by trained surgeons. There are different opinions whether there is a need for a male to be circumcised. Medical...

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26 year experience Paediatric Surgeon/Urologist in adolescent and men circumcision at London Clinic and Thornhill Clinic, Luton




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